History has recorded that Capt. John Smith sailed up the Chesapeake Bay in the year 1608,c came shore here, and gave this island his name. Capt. Smith wrote the following in his log, "Heaven and earth seemed never to have agreed better for man's commodious and delightful habitation."

     Although history has recorded that the first white settlers came to Smith Island in the year 1657, the Island was largely settled by descendants of British Colonists from Cornwal, England in the early 1700's.

     The Methodist Colony has descended directly from its 17th Century ancestors, and today the Methodist Church, established by Joshua Thomas, remains the only organized religion on the island.

Crabbing Shack on Smith Island Waterway
      Known as the "Soft-Shelled Crab Capital of the World," Smith Island has 3 picturesque fishing villages: Ewell, Rhodes Point, and Tylerton, each on its own island in this archipelago of the Chesapeake, with interlacing creeks, canals, marsh and meadow.
     Your cruise sails from the Campground Resort on Slough Creek, near Reedville, Va.  You will see historic Smith Point where the great Potomac River meets the majestic Chesapeake Bay and Smith Point Lighthouse two miles offshore. Crossing the ships channel you may see large container ships enroute to or from Baltimore, MD. or Washington, DC. 
Spirit of Chesapeake
     You will enjoy your relaxing one and one half hour cruise across the storied Chesapeake Bay, 13 -1/2 miles out passing the 5,000 acre Glen L. Martin Waterfowl/wildlife refuge as you enter the Smith Island's waterways. Egrets, Blue Herons, Ospreys, Roseatte Spoonbills are among the Refuge's numerous waterfowl.  Great vistas of the Refuge may be observed from the decks of the Capt. Evans.
The Smith Island Center
     Dock at Ewell Village for delicious seafood and other homemade delicacies at one of the island's waterfront restaurants, or, you may bring your own picnic lunch. Enjoy the Smith Island Center, the museum on Ewell, visit the Island's gift shops.  Golf carts are available for rent so that you can enjoy a self-guided tour.
     Stroll quaint, narrow shaded "streets" and enjoy a glimpse of the charming lifestyles and culture of the watermen who live there.  Take time to meet and talk with the native Smith Islanders, who love their Island and their lifestyle.
A shady "street" on Ewell
Bayside Inn on Ewell's Harbor
     Take time to meet and talk with the native Smith Islanders, who love their Island and their lifestyle.  No matter what you chose to do while on the island, we are sure you will have a memorable time and thoroughly enjoy your visit to wonderful Smith Island.
Golf cart rentals on Ewell Village, Smith Island are available.


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